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The Tindims and the Turtle Tangle
Skin Taker
Circus Maximus: Race to the Death
Sofa Surfer

Welcome to the Zephyr Audiobook Library!

Browse our virtual shelves and listen to sample snippets from some of our brilliant audiobooks. With narrators such as Hollyoak’s Ross Adams, national treasure Sir Ian ‘Gandalf’ McKellen, Game of Thrones' Gemma Whelan and Sally Gardner herself, you are spoilt for choice!

We have stories for small listeners and taller ones, adventure-seekers and history-lovers, stories filled with magic, action and laughter. Your listening adventure starts here.

Step into the Stone Age, race chariots in  the greatest arena in Ancient Rome, recycle with the Tindims or delve into a world of witchcraft, danger and revenge…

What are you waiting for?


The Tindims and the Turtle Tangle, Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry. Narrated by, the author, Sally Gardner 6+

‘Rubbish today is treasure tomorrow’. The Tindims are like the Borrowers-on-sea, turning our everyday rubbish into treasure. This fun, empowering series for 6+ readers inspires conservation and inventive ways to recycle.

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Skin Taker, Michelle Paver. Narrated by Ian McKellen 9+

Run Wild with Wolf Brother.

When disaster strikes and Chaos rules, only a boy, a girl and a wolf can save the heart of the Forest. Immersive descriptions of the natural world and ancient ways of life, combined with exhilarating action, transport you to the Stone Age for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Circus Maximus: Race to the Death, Annelise Gray. Narrated by Eva Feiler 9+

Dido lives and breathes horses and has an impossible dream. She longs to be the first girl to race to victory in Rome’s greatest sporting arena – the Circus Maximus. But when she is forced to flee her childhood home, she discovers a charioteer’s world is a dangerous place, full of risk rivalry and betrayal. Winning glory comes at a high price in a thrilling and terrifying race to the death.

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Witch, Finbar Hawkins. Narrated by Gemma Whelan 12+

In 17th-century England, civil war rages and witches have become pawns in a plot to oust the king. Red-haired Evey does not want to be a witch, but she cannot deny the magick coursing through her veins. After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by witch-hunters, Evey vows to avenge her. Dark and enchanting, this fierce tale about the power of women, witchcraft and the ties that bind us will hold you under its spell from the very first word to the last.

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Sofa Surfer, Malcolm Duffy. Narrated by Ross Adams 12+

Get the tissues ready for this one. Whether it is tears of laughter or sadness, you are probably going to cry. Written with humour and heart, Sofa Surfer looks at what it means to be homeless. A chance meeting with a skinny girl called Spider leads 15-year-old Tyler into a world he never knew existed. Spider is sofa surfing and Tyler soon finds himself spinning a tangled web of lies in his efforts to help her escape her world of fear and insecurity.

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We have started our little library with 5 audiobooks, but be sure to check back here soon, as we will be adding more stories for you to try.

Hollow Earth Trilogy
The Book of Beasts
These Dark Wings
What the Raven Brings
The White Hare
A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars
The Snow Angel
A Kingdom Falls
Me Mam. Me Dad. Me
The Mystery of the Colour Thief
The Girl Who Thought Her Mother Was a Mermaid
Ten Nasty Little Toads
The Monsters We Deserve
Snowflake, AZ
Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon
Wolf Light
Girl 38: Finding a Friend
Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Sea Dragon
Girl. Boy. Sea.
Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror
Invisible in a Bright Light
Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Golden Seahorse
Sofa Surfer
Dangerous Remedy
Viper's Daughter
The Key to Finding Jack
If I Can't Have You
The Time Traveller and the Tiger
The Tindims of Rubbish Island
The Tindims and the Turtle Tangle
The Key to Fear
Circus Maximus: Race to the Death